I am the Russian teacher

Hello , my dear abroad colleagues, I am the ordinary Russian teacher. I have been working at school for 20 years. I teach kids. I like my work, have much free time because my holiday vacations have 56 calendar days, and I am going to be a pensioner in 5 years.

My Salary  is not big –  $500a month only. I cannot go to America (I have not enough money). Even If I will go there -  it will be necessary to come back through Alaska by  foot (it is a joke, you see).

I am  a versatile and the developed worker. In my opinion, I am a very hard working person I can work as:  a mower,  a house painter, a carpenter, an electrician, etc. In the summer, all teachers from our  school  mow a grass in the school garden territory.

учитель 300x219 I am the Russian teacher

Russian teacher


Dear friends — colleague, tell, please, about your work and life styling.